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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 25, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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outrage after a big bully scoops up a small dog and throws her over the fence. >> oh, oh, no. >> how security camera footage led this pup to a new, happy home. >> a woman having lunch is about to lose her credit cards and $500 cash. the fly thief to ruined her day. >> what's it like to travel 11,000 miles all on a bike? meet the adventurous dude sharing lessons from his journey. >> i appreciate life way more right now. i appreciate the little things. plus the buzz word for your
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chance at a new ipad mini. and pranksters smear something bad on a lamborghini. >> this does not sound like it's going to end well. >> why the owner has good aim with a taser. i sincerely hate the fact people like this exist. check this video out from ramona, california. this is outside an engineering company there you see a man walking through what looks like a parking lot. behind him a precious, very young puppy. >> a pitbull mix, to be exact. this man walks up to this fence. there's a gate there. door is closed. watch what he does. he grabs the poor, innocent little puppy, throws her over the fence. >> oh, no. >> and the dog just crashes against the ground. it looks like there' a lotf
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gravel there.nd promptly. we don't see the dog get up immediately. the man walks away abandoning the dog right where it is. >> look at her look back at him like, please don't leave me. i love you. >> it is so heartbreaking. >> is it really that much harder to go down to the pound or whatever? just lazy. >> careless, heartless. >> so there is surveillance video of this guy. we know who he is yet? >> police are looking for him. that's where facebook comes in. the vice president of the company is making it her mission to try to identify this man via facebook. fortunately, the doggy was okay. they did spot a little bit of a limp the next day. the greatest thing is that she was adopted by a man named bruce who named her oreo. here they are together. she is going to have a loving family the rest of her life.
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>> as horrible as this was, this worked out for the best for her. >> yep. we've got four guys wearing masks. they've got axes and hammers and they're in the jewelry section. do you think anything good is going to come of that? >> no. >> no. these four guys were caught as they were trying to rob some jewelry stores. you could see them carrying stuff out. watch this. this witness goes back to where they came from and you can see the smoke. you see one of the employees tripped an alarm. that sent smoke through the area. they say those guys are trying to smash the windows at these jewelry stores trying to get in. police say they didn't get away with anything. >> that brilliant plan. let's go to the mall packed with people, broad daylight with axes. >> again, they didn't get away with anything. >> now, in old montreal, canada,
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a sad robbery took place. the woman in the middle with a blue shirt on, this woman is disable e disabled. she was having a great birthday weekend. it was ruined by this woman. according to police, she kicked the woman's purse closer to the door. once again, she kicked it outside of the door. takes it and walks off. >> she does it so slyly. >> i don't know if anybody would have notes bad she was doing. >> the woman got away with her i.d., credit cards and $500 cash. the one other thing she got away with was the key to the motorized scooter anita was using because she is disabled. >> sad to say on this show when we head to china for a rescue video, it oftentimes means a small child is stuck somewhere. in this case, a toddler is stuck
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deep down in a well shaft. this child was playing in an orchard where his mother works. fell nearly 30 feet into the shaft. the thing i only about 15 inches wide. they immediately called firefighters who came to the rescue using this large excavator. they dug a hole next to the shaft 30 feet down. once they got down, they started digging over and cut a hole about 13 inches around in the side of this concrete-lined shaft in order to get this small child out. it took them several hours. >> super dangerous for them too, because they are digging this very deep hole. they have very little cribbing to put up. that could collapse on them, too, if they're not careful. >> i feel bad for the mom. she is working in an orchard and has her baby with her. that's not optimum for any mom or dad. >> you're right. the parents were terrified as
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they were waiting to see that their child was okay. we do see the moment rescuers are able to get this toddler out. he was immediately taken to the hospital and miraculously had no serious injuries as a result of this fall. guess what? we have another winner in our rtm ipad mini give away. she is charlene from los angeles. watches us on fox 11. congratulati congratulations. we are adding one more week to our ipad mini give away. and your chance to win is coming up. >> to enter you need thursday's buzz word, need to be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. stand by for the rtm ipad give away. in brazil this car comes over the sidewalk through a building and seems to just keep going, smashing into some furniture. almost looking like it was going down the stairs. then backed out, turned around and drives away leaving the
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bumper behind with the license plate on it. the police promptly catching up with this person because they identified the license plate and connected it to the driver through records. ta-da, simple police work. >> you could say i hit the gas instead of the brake. this was an accident. i'm sorry. >> he hits the building and keeps -- it's like the foot is flopped down on the accelerator. >> you believe the car they caught on camera was clearly drunk to them. >> this is in cambodia where scooters, motorcycles are a common mode of transportation. you see those other riders. the people behind the suv can tell there may be something wrong, but the traffic in the opposite direction has no idea that this car has been weaving and should avoid getting close to it. at one point you see the car
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drift wide all the way over to the left. this crazy ride comes to an end. it did collect a rider. >> it's amazing that that was all the damage caused. four bar tricks, one bullwhip and a dude who is -- >> jedi when it comes to whipping. find out how documentary film makers highlight extinction using a snooped-up ride. >> try to get people to understand this issue. >> it's a brilliant way to get their message across. i'm a doctor of internal medicine
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with something terrible to admit. i treated thousands of patients, risked their lives, while high on prescription drugs. i was an addict. i'm recovered now, but an estimated 500,000 medical professionals are still out there, abusing drugs or alcohol. police, airline pilots, bus drivers... they're randomly tested for drugs and alcohol... but not us doctors. you can change that: vote yes on proposition 46. your lives are in our hands.
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many people in the world believe we are in a sick mass extinction of our planet. there is a film called "racing extinction" that highlights this threat.
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>> we'll be driving spaceships 1,000 times faster than we should. >> we could lose up to 50% of all the species on earth. >> the creator of "the cove" is behind this latest project. he created the oceanic preservation society. >> this is a covert operation to expose harm to species. >> highly endangered. >> a lot has to do with the black market and rare animals. it's a heck of a story. this past weekend they went to the united nations building and put on a heck of a show to try to get people to understand this issue. they projected images up against the u.n. building using this customized by people we've seen on this show. the guys who created lunar lore
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paint, asked them to create this to immate a bioluminescent organism. >> it will make people want to jump onboard and help. >> one of the coolest quotes from this film, the dinosaurs couldn't see it coming, what's our excuse? this film "racing extinction" is expected to be released in early 2015. in bar tricks, i'm a big fan of how-to videos. this is from the nine-time world record holding bullwhip champion of the world. >> these are really, really cool tricks. it's not like you can watch this
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video and go and do them. you have to practice them five or six years, then go to the bar. >> this is the most simple of the impossible things. it's whip the top off a water bottle. >> there is something so cool about that. >> the second one here, what he is going to do is whip the car at the edge to spin the car off into the jar. >> that's awesome. >> how much time has he spent perfecting this? imagine that's all do you for hours and hours and hours. then you get it right and you're able to do it over and over again successfully. >> he can because this is his job. he spends ten hours a day whipping things. he whips it good. >> if you want it more dramatic, he is trying to whip the middle out of the way so the bottom cup moves out of the top cup without spilling water. he's excited about it. yeah!
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the last one, he is trying to rip the playing card so it moves the other playing card and it goes into the cup. >> i love the crack at the end. what would be impressive if the 6 of diamonds is the card you picked earlier in the game. two things thrill-seeking kids love. bikes and giant ramps. >> launching into the lake. i always dreamed of doing something like this. >> next "right this minute." >> still to come, a romantic surprise eight years in the making. >> this is all for you. >> there are quite a few songs they can't to. why the smoothest move comes after the dancing. >> we've got another ipad mini 0 give away. the thursday buzz word you'll need to win is next.
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the couple had been together for eight years. >> i'm in the car with jen right now and we're headed to where it's all going to take place. she is listening to music on the special anniversary play list and has no idea. >> so he takes her to the place where they had their first date. the crowd is silent. there is a chair waiting for her. she is blind-folded. she doesn't know all these
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people are there yet. finally, he tells her. >> jen, you can take your blind fold off now. >> oh, my god. >> then he starts to explain what's been going on him lately. >> you know how i've been away a lot of saturdays. i've been to something called dance club. we've been working on something the past few months. this is all for you. ♪ >> he comes out to all the lights by kanye west featuring rihanna. and there are quite a few songs they dance to, including drake's "hold on, we're going home." ♪ i've got my eyes on you and also brave of him, you guessed it, beyonce's "single ladies." finally after all the singing, all the dancing, all the music,
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he has something very special he wants to ask her. this is going to be a great video to have. >> it goes to show how much he loves her and how much she means to him that he would go out of his way to do that. >> i know it's not a matter of if you've ever imagined yourself traveling the world because we all have, except some people like felix starke actually set out and do this traveling the world. felix took off june of 2013 with 121 pounds of luggage. for an entire year, traveled more than 11,000 miles all on a bike. >> that's awesome. he's got strong legs now, i guess. >> he did end up visiting 22 countries this whole time documenting everything with his video camera. he put all those images together
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to create this documentary called "pedal the world." just absolute freedom and the discovery of our globe. that was it. yes, i know we're all jealous. to ask him more about this, we have felix via skype right this minute. welcome to the show. you're back home. your doin. it's over. it's a wrap. >> right. it's over. i'm already starting to plan new trips. i want to break out of the system for some time. i said, all right, maybe i can bicycle the world. so i just left home. after one year i returned home. >> wow. what was the hardest part for you? >> it's hard to put effort in the pedals every sing dale to get from a to b, no matter if you're sick, homesick, lonely. you have to put effort in to get further. that was probably the hardest part. >> what was your number one comfort item? >> the laptop. >> what is your most vivid memory? >> there were so many. i would say the constant
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hospitality of strangers in the world no matter if you're asian, american. i got hosted for dinner, coffee. that kept me going. i appreciate life way more right now. i appreciate the little things. going to a cafe drinking capp wow, my own bed. >> your documentary is available for download for a fee, but you're donating part of the proceeds to a chart. tell me about that. >> i saw a lot of misery in the world. that's why i don't want to make money with this documentary. i want to do something good. wwf contacted me. while donate one euro per documentary and donate more because we don't want to make any profits. we want to spread the word. all right, everybody, it's ipad mini give away time.
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convertible version. >> kissy will get you there in a jiffy. >> brothers try to prank to bring karma to somebody who annoyed them. good night with the lamborghini,
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cut them off, shouted at them, then they decided they would prank him. they are going to prank him with fake poo. >> this does not sound like it's going to end well. >> you have good instincts. >> it looks real. >> these guys come prepared. >> i was going to ask, why are they carrying fake poo? just in case of emergency? >> they stick it in the lamborghini. they wait for the guy coming back. toilet tissue and pulling up his hasn't. >> get away from my car. what are you doing? >> what the [ bleep ] is that? why did you do that? >> just had to go. >> the viral brothers find out karma is a bitch. >> what's up?
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>> he tasers him. >> what the [ bleep ]? >> karma, karma, karma. >> i'm oddly not buying this. >> it seems poorly acted. >> we go behind the scenes footage. they are saying it's real. i think it's real, as well. you guys are doubting it? >> i doubt it. >> i think it was a set-up prank with a real tase. >> it's a frank. it's a fake poop. >> see you next time, everybody.
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popping a wheelie catches the eye of another motorcycle rider, but this one -- >> also has blue flashing lights on his car. >> that's a cop. >> mr. wheelie makes a run for it. >> a wing suit daredevil decides to conquer this. >> how do you get up there? >> with difficulty. >> the journey down is much easier. >> you seem uncomfortable. are you okay? >> i'm a little agitated. >> a woman wears a bat suit and watches the men run. when they reverse the social experiment with a male, here's


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